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Diesel Mechanic Salary and Position Outlook

When you think of the words diesel engine, you automatically think power. Diesel engine run vehicles are utilized by the top industries, including the transportation, freight and automotive industries and this is due not only because these engines are powerful, but they’re durable and efficient as well. Because of the increase in demand of vehicles that are powered by diesel engines, there is a higher demand for diesel mechanics. The diesel mechanic salary is very competitive and will depend on each individual’s level of skill, education and experience and of course, their place of employment.

Where can you find the Higher Salary for this Field?

These motors are complex, which is why there are specially trained individuals that are dedicated to the maintenance and repair of this type of engine.
According to statistics, the diesel mechanic salary ranges from $38,000 to $42,000. This is actually forty percent lower than the average salary for all job listings across the country. The salary for this position varies from state to state. Mechanics in Texas receive seven percent less than what mechanics in this field make in Georgia.
Other states that can offer a higher salary will include California, Utah, Washington, Florida and New York. States that feature a lower salary for this field will include Ohio, Arizona, Massachusetts and Colorado.
diesel-mechanicTo start off, the entry level salary for the diesel mechanic comes in at a range of $30,000 to $32,000 a year, with the mid-level earnings rounding off at $42,000 and the top earning in this field being offered at $48,000.
At the beginning of their career, a mechanic can anticipate a starting salary of around $32,000 for the first two years on the job. This income figure will rise considerably to as much as twenty-five percent more as the mechanic’s experience grows. Furthermore, those same mechanics can earn a potential $48,000 a year if they stay up to date with the latest technology. Attending lectures and workshops as well as enrolling in additional education programs can also make a huge impact when it comes to what a diesel mechanic can make in this field.

The Job Outlook for Diesel Techs

There is an estimated growth for this field of sixteen percent for the next five years. There is preference among employers for those individuals who have completed formal training programs. This is due to the fact that hiring formally trained mechanics is a more cost effective solution, as opposed to a newly hired employee requiring an extensive amount of on the job training. Education programs in this field are typically offered at a certificate or associate’s degree level and will feature an extensive amount of hands on training throughout the duration of a program. These programs can be found through vocational and technical schools as well as community colleges.
Diesel service technicians can also obtain the Automotive Services Excellence certification, also referred to as the ASE, which will also work to increase their worth.